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Since 2003, the Youth Modeling Society has been known for its prominent fashion shows within local communities. YMS is proud to declare that it has officially been established and recognized as a nonprofit organization since 2008. This establishment would not have been successful without the support of our young and motivated group of models in Boston area. They share a vision to create a comforting atmosphere for youths to freely express themselves through modeling in various environments.

YMS provides the opportunity for youths to develop and build upon their self-esteem and self efficacy. More importantly, YMS has improved and enhanced many young lives and has given young leaders the chance to build upon their experiences to give back to the society of future leaders in their community.

With that being said we are happy to be in operation and doing so much to enrich the lives of many and provide a community based approach to helping youth to love themselves for who they are and not feel like they need to fit a certain mold. In today's society there is heavy emphasis on what is pretty and what one should look like. This has in turn caused a lot of difficulties for our future leaders to doubt themselves for their true talents and focus purely on "looking good" and "fitting in."

"Beauty grows from the inside out, see yourself before you see others."

"Make sure you wear the clothes and never let the clothes wear you."

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